Your Virtual People, Inc. is a leading, Filipino-owned Business Process Outsourcing company focused on finding and managing talented offshore professionals for a global workforce support. We help various businesses save more time and money using exceptional outsourcing services that generate revenues, increase turnovers and build a more successful business.

Your Success is Our Future.

We’re here to scale your business goals and guide
you all the way through.

Our Story

Your Virtual People, Inc. started long before it was founded in November 26, 2012. Company founder, Lota Samonte, began the company’s roots when she herself started serving Australian clients with Outsourced Admin Support in her then office home. A committed and passionate person, Lota built her name amongst her clients and gained solid reputation in the industry.

In just a span of 12 short months, Lota’s client connections significantly increased and soon enough, what started out for her as a simple career in providing quality Outsourced service, quickly grew to creating a globally competitive, Filipino-owned Offshoring company that drives growth to businesses. This significant shift meant she needed to employ staff who would deliver great work that meet the demands of growing businesses. It wasn’t long after that Lota decided to officially establish Your Virtual People, Inc. – a company dedicated to helping businesses find, set-up, and manage offshore professionals.
Now, the company continuously employs highly-skilled professional staff, serving various clients with diverse range of roles in the industry.

It started simple but our purpose remains the same:

transform business growth with outstanding work.

Because we always put the focus to our client’s goals, we’ve been able to help businesses overcome challenges and achieve substantial growth with our globally competitive outsourcing approach. We’ve assisted start-up companies, including small and medium-sized businesses, in tapping the opportunities of Outsourcing and using it to leverage their business success.
Our focused approach has enabled us to help businesses succeed where others have failed. This mindset allowed us to pioneer the BPO industry and ultimately become one of the most trusted Outsourcing companies in the Philippines.

Our passion is all about people. We help our clients achieve

continued growth same way we encourage and inspire our staff to

exceed their perceived limits and realize their dream goals in life.

Our mission is to transform the business landscape using advanced outsourcing solutions that deliver first in providing globally competitive skills and talents. We are dedicated to helping businesses save more time and money, increase revenues, and ultimately achieve maximum success.

We aim to redefine Outsourcing by creating an exceptional level of service that inspires business innovation and improvement in quality of life.

We are agile, supportive, and proficient. Everything we do aims to provide top shelf Outsourcing services to keep the profit growing. We hand-hold the staff and clients to assure expectations are met and services are achieved at the highest standards. Recognising that talent is the key to significant growth, we continuously train our staff to ensure that our clients are getting outstanding value for their money. With intelligent systems and cutting edge technologies at play, our global workforce support is ready to make things happen fast.

Collaboration, Teamwork, Innovation, Integrity, and Family-oriented workspace is at the core of our business strategy for long-term growth.

Meet the CEO

Lota is an Offshoring and Outsourcing expert with a decade of experience working with globally competitive Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies. She is responsible for transforming business using scalable outsourcing solutions that reduce costs and generate maximum results. Her extensive knowledge in outsourcing services, new business development solutions, and entrepreneurship deem her an effective business innovator in the Outsourcing Industry.
Having helped various business grow quickly, Lota now leads in influencing many business in Australia and is immensely adept in understanding what makes a business fall and succeed. Lota works to serve as the bridge in many businesses by connecting them with the right talents and helping them build and manage effective outsourced teams. She exposes business owners to remarkable outsourcing opportunities and helps them fully realize how it could significantly tap quick business profitability and growth. Years of experience in the Outsourcing industry has kept her ahead of the game in possessing the right connections and diverse strategies that reap better results in a cost effective manner.

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Lota Samonte, CEO and Founder Outsourcing and Offshoring Expert. Business Innovator. Passionate Leader.

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